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In order to create or become something new, it will require you to trade a few old habits for a few new ones. A great place to start is to upgrade your “to do” list to a stellar “to be” list and go boldly forward.  A “to be” list defines your intent and exactly who you need to be (different than who you have been) to accomplish what you’re up to, in order or to succeed. Your “to be” list can even transform life’s most difficult challenges into meaningful moments.

A “to be” list puts you in the driver seat. It’s a stand, and a place to come from that is transferable to each and everything you do in a very powerful way. It not only gives you a fresh perspective and outlook but it will inspires you to challenge yourself. Nothing is more rewarding than to witness your own growth and success. Here’s the deal, when we don’t take control, we sort of go through our day passively and by the time we get to the end of the day what we’ve done is responded to everyone else’s priorities and not our own. Far too often this becomes a habit.

To upgrade your “to do” list to a “to be” list determine daily:

1) Is this a priority for today?; 2) I will need to be ___, ___, and ____ to be effective and get it done (i.e, urgent, courageous, powerful, trusting); 3)Identify the challenges that may stop you; 4) create the solutions that will keep you moving; 5) GET IT DONE!

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Use your daily to-be list to engage with your life in a way that resonates with who you are and what you’re up to. If you’ve decided it’s time to change your life, change your world, you can change it one “to be” at a time …and watch the magic you are unfold!

Today is a great day to be AMAZING!