What Is Possibilitology?

It begins with possibility thinking (PT), a mindset that engages in the exploration of possibility. It allows you to engage in transforming what is, into what might be. Little to no creativity can occur without possibility thinking. PT forces you to ask solution-oriented questions
and requires you to form your own creative responses which leads to a sense of self-determination. Self-determination is essential for taking intentional actions and for being imaginative and innovative.

With PT as the foundation, Possibilitology rests on the three pillars of amazingness: Centering, Expansion, and Emergence.

Centering: It is the alignment of the spiritual and physical aspects of who you are. It is a state of being, of being present and/or having awareness in every moment. Centering creates balance and stability in our physical and our emotional state and brings acceptance that we are here to fulfill a purpose.

Expansion: Imagine a box filled with everything you
know and have known, everything you do and have done,
and everything you are and have been. There’s only so much that the box can hold, right? Well, expansion means
creating a bigger box.

Emergence: This usually occurs at the intersection of danger and opportunity. Sometimes the difference between danger and opportunity is simply how you look at a situation. Emergence is choosing to move forward or upward and results in increased zest for life and a more rewarding life strategy.

What follows is a primer in Possibilitology, a life perspective aimed at having every day be amazing for you and the people around you.

Sign up for Possibilitology 101, there is magic in owning who you are! This cutting edge technology dynamically changes an existing situation in a significant way beyond the walls of transformation and professional development. It provides practical tools and principles for sustainable balance, abundance, health, creativity and spirituality. The cost is $295. All meals, snacks, beverages and all materials included. Comfy clothing recommended attire. Saturday & Sunday – 9:30AM – 5:30PM. Limited accommodations available, please contact me directly.


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When we spend time in communion with nature, a deep awareness and connection to all becomes soulfully present. What becomes even more present is a heightened awareness and connection to SELF and SPIRIT. Clarity and alignment not only create balance but become a field of pure possibility and personal strength … what we call “EMERGENCE”.

Experience Possibilitology 2.0 – “The Power Rising” Retreat. Refill your spirit, replenish your body, relax your mind as part of this unique holistic journey at Medissage Spa & Retreat Center for Health, Growth and Transformation in South Carolina May 10 – 12, 2019.

Amenities Include:

Transportation to/from airport; room accommodations, sauna, steam room, outdoor pool, paddle boating, entertainment center, meals, beverages & drinks, full access to 132 acres of nature’s beauty. Click here OR copy and paste the following link for more information about MEDISSAGE: http://medissage.org

Services Included:

Possibilitology 2.0: “Emergence” workshop, Guided Meditations, Reiki & Energy Readings, Yoga/Dance Therapy, Massage and Holistic Healing.

Spend time in the stillness, serenity and peace of nature. Experience the awakening, freedom and fulfillment.

Cost: $395 – Reply to this Email “I’m In” to register. You will then receive a registration form via Paypal to secure your spot.


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