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Vallori Thomas, ICF-certified coach and Founder of WOW Coaching and Consulting, is an award-winning speaker who has inspired and uplifted audiences from coast to coast. Her familiar easy-going but, eye-opening style, delivers maximum impact whether she is delivering a keynote address, participating on a panel, or leading a break-out session.

What’s Your GPS? (General Perception of Self): Drive Your Life As Opposed To Being Driven

(This can be delivered as a keynote address or breakout session.) Premise: Human beings tend to be driven by their perception of reality versus reality itself. Decision-making is more often based on beliefs disguised as facts than it is based on pure facts themselves. The result is that we end up at places in life’s circumstances where we never really may have intended to go.

Key Points:

  • Perceptions given enough significance, power, ultimately create the results and the outcomes of our lives – Vallori shares her personal journey and how changing her perception changed her life.
  • An opportunity to come off “automatic” in order to be both the navigator and the helmsman – Driving vs. Being Driven (Generative vs Reactive)
  • Solid tool and tips to shift perceptions to be empowered on a daily basis

A.L.A.F.F. – 5 Bold Steps When The Only Way Out Is Through

What if you could overcome almost any obstacle with a laugh? (This can be delivered as a keynote address or breakout session.) Premise: Humor is an essential tool for carving victory out of what sometimes looks like defeat. And the way to access humor is with A.L.A.F.F.:

A = Activate
L = Love
A = Acceptance
F = Forgiveness
F = Faith

Vallori Thomas deftly connects with audiences, and brings them on an inspiring journey of discovery that unravels the vastness of every human beings potential and possibility.

Key Points:

  • Vallori uses her journey to highlight the moments of difficulty and choosing an empowered interpretation
  • Participants will develop a new relationship with breakdowns
  • Participants will experience themselves as powerful, capable and fully expressed  

Think Like A Woman, Act Like A Woman

“Think Like A Woman, Act Like A Woman” is a highly successful workshop series that engages the “whole woman.” Each workshop is a sensory experience unto itself, blending panel discussions, audience participation, music, entertainment, networking, and more.

Passion & Purses!

Premise: It’s time to design your life and your future just the way you want. The second event in the popular difference-making series, “Think Like A Woman, Act Like A Woman” is an intimate evening of discovery designed for every woman who has ever experienced a joyous triumph or faced a financial challenge… With an outstanding panel of women leaders in business, spirituality, education and more, “Passion & Purses” is a cozy conversation about what matters most to women committed to living empowered lives. Unlock your passion code. Expand your purse. And, grow your network of inspiring, supportive, successful women.

Lemonade Stand

A Celebration of Competing Narratives,” the third installment in the “Think Like A Woman, Act Like A Woman Empowerment Series, unravels the feminine experience (distinct from the female experience) of what it’s like to hold steadfastly to the vision for a relationship when the person you love doesn’t hold that same vision. This spirited, engaging event explores the many facets of a woman’s power when confronted by infidelity and emboldened by love; and what’s possible through forgiveness whether a couple is together or apart.