To ALLOW is to permit,  give permission or give opportunity. The law of attraction has shown that…

when you focus your thoughts on any specific thing, it is that thing that you will attract to yourself or in other words ALLOW. When was the last time you stopped to focus on you or took the time to allow your gifts, talents, desires or even relationships?  Are you giving them opportunity or consistently looking for  circumstances to allow the perfect moment?. The question is how long have you already been waiting? In this New Year of 2016 be intentional about what you ALLOW. Ask yourself does what you allow empower or deplete your spirit? Does what you allow create relationship or separate you from relationships? Acknowledge what is true for you, engage your heart and give yourself, your gifts, and desires permission and the opportunity to really grow in this New Year.

It is said “your gifts make room for you”. Let this be the year you trust and allow your genius to soar!

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It’s a great day to be amazing!