The WOW Portfolio of Corporate Education and Enrichment

TRUST is the underpinning of everything that we do at WOW Coaching and Consulting, and it is at the core of every training product in our portfolio. We believe that trust emboldens people to do their best work, ensuring a culture of excellence with a focus on productivity. With that in mind, we’ve created a portfolio of trainings designed to elevate your business results and engage your staff in a way that shifts behaviors toward performance that produces the optimum impact.


In this module, WOW Coaching and Consulting will examine how the employees’ personal values align with the company’s values. This is an important, but often overlooked, aspect of corporate culture. The automatic habits and beliefs of the individuals within your organization may be misaligned with the company’s core values. The may even be at odds. WOW will illuminate this, and bring into the foreground how the misalignment of values can stymy productivity and slow the implementation of the company’s agenda. The trainer will facilitate a discussion that will lead your staff to discover:

  • Underlying assumptions and beliefs about themselves, their workgroup, and the culture of the organization
  • Attitudes and behaviors that impact that impede productivity and stifle job satisfaction
  • Attitudes and behaviors that accelerate productivity and fuel job satisfaction
  • The insidious nature of perception and how it is often mistaken for reality
  • The joy and fulfillment that’s possible as a employee of your organization


work stylesNo single communication style is inherently better than another. And the key to effective communication is choosing a style that is compatible with the other person’s style. Being flexible in your own preferred style allows others to more successfully hear the important things you need to communicate. Someone who is motivated by emotions, for example, is likely to be uninspired by a person whose communication style is data-driven. The objective is to know your preferred style; to be clear about the intention of your communication; to recognize the primary style of the person you’re communicating with; and to be willing to “shift” your style so that it is compatible with their style. In this module, your staff will learn the four primary communications
(Analyzer, Promoter, Controller and Supporter); the four primary intents (Getting It Done, Getting It Right, Getting Along and Getting Appreciated); and engage in a lively experiential exercise designed to:

  • Develop skill in immediately identifying the communication style and intent of others
  • Provide a framework for effectively interacting with each of the four primary styles
  • Increase trust in communication as a way to strengthen relationships, accountability, and strategic risk-taking
  • Provide “neutral” structure for conducting difficult conversations in which both parties feel honored and respected


WoohooInterpretation is the cornerstone of every outcome. It’s the driving force behind what you do or don’t do in decision-making. Interpretation can lead you to joy or regret… hope or despair. Your interpretation of an event is perhaps more important than the event itself. In other words, your thoughts, feelings and behaviors on the job and off are the result of the way you interpret what has happened to you. If you choose an interpretation that allows you to feel positive, you’ll thrive. If you choose an interpretation that leads to negative feelings and emotions, you’ll stagnate. This powerful distinction will support your staff in becoming aware of how they interpret and the impact that it has on their performance and job satisfaction. In this module, your employees will learn how to:

  • Create and choose an empowered relationship with mistakes, failures, and disappointments
  • Establish a new context for embracing responsibility and accountability
  • Understand the interdependent nature of breakdowns and breakthroughs

The ESSENCE of TEAMWORK: I Win When You Win

The “Win/Win” team challenge is an action game that serves as a metaphor for how each participant views “winning” in real life. This process offers revealing insights into the existing culture, and presents new perspectives designed to empower the success of the entire team. The “Win/Win” team challenge is a team building activity that:

  • Enhances emotional intelligence
  • Builds trusts while modeling cooperation
  • Improves group patterns of communication
  • Teaches compromise and negotiation

VISION: Getting Reacquainted with True North

Most people, including your staff, have a personal vision for their careers… their families… their lives. But it’s easy to lose track of that vision in the course of a fast-paced, evolving, 21st-century life. And that’s what happens to most of us. The very thing that once called you forth and evoked the best in you starts to dim over time. In this process, the staff will become reacquainted with the fundamental vision that first inspired them to join your company. They will be reacquainted with the experience of learning that they had been hired. This is then woven into the company vision, reigniting passion and unifying the team.

WOW training products are available as one-day options and half-day options spaced together or apart.