What if abundance is all there is?

Think about it. What would be different about your life? How would that impact your perception of self? Who around you would be affected? Consider your relationships, your career, your health, and even your time. What if abundance is all there is? Simply contemplating this as a possibility brings freedom. Here’s something else I want you to consider:

Scarcity, which is the opposite of abundance, exists when we are out of integrity with our word, our vision and our values. It is a perspective that separates us from who we are and what we hold as important. What I’m “WOW-ed” by is that while perspective is everything, perspective is also a choice… a choice to have or to have not.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” -Wayne Dwyer.

Here are a few quick tips to help you choose abundance when scarcity is knocking at the door:

  1. Be aware when you are in “critical” mode. Check in with your feelings as to whether or not your feelings are adding value or digging you in deeper.
  2. Quiet your mind. Stop the chatter in your head and take a neutral position. It will release tension.
  3. Get clear with your intention and its ability to move others. Connect with what matters most, and move forward from there.
  4. Choose the highest thoughts you can think about yourself and others. Say the highest things you can say. Consider the best course of action you can take.


Choose a perspective that works. Experience the abundance all around you. Then go ahead… and be amazing!