Regardless of what you feel you should have more of, weather it be wealth, success, love or health they all tie back to your thoughts and thinking about them. To experience anything at a greater level first requires the thought, the awareness that the possibility is available to you. In other words, you must stop limiting yourself and start using to the utmost degree the abilities you know you already have, the ones you were born with… yes you! Whatever circumstances you may find yourself in, it is but a reflection of the amount of good you feel life holds or has to offer you. NEWSFLASH life does not give to some and not to others – only people and their thoughts do! The truth is you can measure your abundance by the pattern of your thinking and the actions you that you do or don’t take as a result of.. Start today!

5 Clear Steps to get you to doing:

1. Stop waiting! We often postpone our goals and plans waiting for the right moment. Here’s the deal…it will only come when you create it, don’t wait!

2. Be clear and specific about your goal and what it means to you, then write it down. Put it where you can see it daily.

3. List any potential challenges and then across from them compile a list their solutions. This is give an edge and put you ahead of the game.

4. Establish an action plan with a timeline that incorporates steps 1-3.

5. Get an accountability partner who is a cheerleader for your success… and go for it!

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Today is a great day to be amazing!