Are you making room for your success? Have you set yourself up properly? Do your habits reflect your vision?
This week as we flourish in the “7-Day WOW Challenge” and go hard checking off our “to do” lists, I caution you to be mindful of those ways of being that block your success on your “to be” list.
To create and become something new, it will require you to redefine your “to be” list,  and go boldly forward.  Those who live by a “to be” list really own their self worth and talent. They master the course of their lives and success inevitable. So as you go for your goals this week check in with yourself and ask this question – “To be __ or not to be __”,  Refresh, reset, be a Goal Slayer!

Today’s Assignment:

  1. Identify your “time wasters”.
  2. Replace one habit you know is detrimental to your success.
  3. Reflect in your notebook the effects these changes can bring.
“It’s our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”  – J. K. Rowling