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Negative emotion is an absolute deviation from what and who we really are. It saps our energy, our thoughts, our time and in some cases our money. Simply because our beliefs motivate our behaviors and choices, all of which have an impact. Statistics prove that most often when we find ourselves with negative emotions they’re not even our own, we’ve been impacted by someone else’s negativity.  It is not who we are in our natural or highest state.
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You’ve got to keep and cultivate your joy and happiness on a daily basis. Be intentional about it, make it a priority. Doing what gives you joy as a practice increases your energy, health, expands your time and saves money. I say saves money because of the “value” and “quality” of how your time is spent.
Ask yourself what makes you happy and DO IT! The more moments you spend doing what brings you joy and being happy, the closer you are to being the divine you, which is a divine force that is connected to all of life.
3 Key Steps to Cultivating Your Happiness:
1. Make a Joy List – this may require a moment of reflection and thought past the obvious answers like… ice cream.
2. Incorporate 1-2 items from your joy list on a weekly basis… schedule it in and make it a priority! – What you may begin to notice as you write your joy list is the realization of exactly how often or how much time you actually spend doing these them.
3. Marinate on the moments and record them in some what shape or form (i.e, photos, videos, journaling… ) – this will provide you with tangible evidence of joy and redefine your experience of actually having it.
Remember you are not here to simply catch trains and wear dress socks, you are here to laugh, build things, love, make things better for others and yourself, teach, learn, jump into lakes, dance… you are here to live and be well.