“The future depends on what you do today.”  (Mahatma Gandhi) 

What does it mean to get out in front of opportunities? How do you really go about being proactive? Should intuition ever influence action?

For many of us, intuition is a product of what we’ve done and what we’re “called to.” It is the experience of the thought that can lead to ACTION. Following your intuition can empower you to be out in front of more opportunities… to “get a jump” on things, so to speak. On the other hand, ignoring those “signals” that come from the inside out, can cause you to miss opportunities and sometimes even set you back.

Your intuition, is your internal compass. It can guide you to make better decisions toward better outcomes. When followed, it often provides clarity and a straight path toward your goal.

3 Quick Check Points:

  1. If your intuition has you are feeling unsettled, it’s a clear indication that you are pushing against the flow. Stop,  don’t push; you could be heading for disaster. Step back, reset and proceed with a different approach.
  2. When your intuition ignites you and you feel inspired, go for it! Your internal compass is leading you in the right direction in line with your goal.
  3. Avoid at all cost, adding lib or second guessing when it comes to your intuition; remember it comes from the inside out, a place of already knowing.

Follow your intuition and… BE AMAZING!